Weekend at Swallow’s Nest

In an attempt to make January shorter, we decided to go away for a weekend. No plans, just staying indoors and doing nothing. 

My friend found this place in Berkshire Downs in southern England called the Swallow’s Nest, which is a family-run business. It is located in an Estate of the North Farm Stud.

You will especially enjoy this place if you like horses, riding, walking, and cycling. It has four luxury bedrooms, one en-suite with a bathroom on the ground floor and another en-suite with a bathroom and two bedrooms on the first floor. 

This place is also home to the HEROS Charity (Homing Ex-Racehorses Organisation), founded by Grace Muir, who got the idea for it when owners and trainers asked her to rehome their racehorses. So, it is no surprise that you can spend your holidays at Swallow Nest along with your horse. Not that we had one but it was still quite nice to watch everyone looking after all their horses.