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Mina’s Planet

Mina’s Planet is a blog written by lifestyle photographer and writer Jasmina Haskovic. It is about all the little things in life and it is where writing meets photography.


My name is Jasmina Haskovic. I am a lifestyle photographer and writer, and I started Mina’s Planet to share with you some of my passions.  Maybe, you might find some of yours too. 

On Mina’s Planet, you will find a variety of blog posts from, what books I read and recommend, what food recipes I tried or what restaurants I visited, to my travel diaries and who I sat down to have tea with (interviews). All the other little things or events close to my heart, or just personal interest are joined under Out and About or Personal Posts. A really good description of the Mina’s Planet blog is: it is all the above, mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie, as Sara Bareilles say in one of her songs. 

As a photographer, I am lucky enough to work directly with clients or with companies. My curious nature always pushes me to do and explore more. To find that one interesting thing about everything and create a little story. Please check my Work with me section to find out how to commission me.

I have also just published my first poetry collection called “ask the butterfly”, where I joined my two biggest passions photography and writing, under one roof. For more information about my book visit my website jasminahaskovic.com

In my free time, when I have some, you will find me reading in my yellow chair in my flat surrounded by crystals. Eating chocolate and drinking tea. Or exploring London and taking pictures of people.

Please feel free to have a look around and read my blog posts. If you would like to chat with me about something you can find me on my Instagram or drop me a message via the contact form here.    

If you are interested in working together check my Work with me page and get in touch!