Perfect location for Baby Shower in Ljubljana – Café Zvezda

It has been a while since my sisters baby shower. This was when she was expecting her second child in 2016. My youngest sister and myself, spent hours on FaceTime to organise this special event. At that point we knew that we were expecting a girl, and so everything had to be pink. And white. I had missed her first baby shower and was determined to attend this one. Not only attend but also ensure that everything is perfect.

This nappy cake was made by our cousin Alma. Thank you so much.

While talking about the appropriate location for this event, I had two locations in my mind. After my youngest sister, who still lives in Ljubljana, checked them both and sent me pictures, we both agreed that Cafe Zvezda would be perfect for this event. This place is one of the most popular coffee and cake places in Ljubljana. And here, you will definitely find the best desserts in the city.

And now, this is the very first time I am sharing photographs of a very personal moment in my life, photographs from my sisters baby shower. I have decided to do this because my youngest sister, is now expecting and we will be organizing her baby shower in the same location. We are really looking forward to the celebration!

Thats me. I was taking pictures, so the only way to be on them is to take a picture of myself in the mirror 🙂
Small thank you gift for girls, came all the way from Canada.