Stylist Live 2017 – London Olympia

Last week, I attended the Stylist Live event at Olympia, London. It was a three day event, full of interviews, food, fashion and, my favourite, poetry. This visit wasn’t planned at all, but when one of the lovely girls whom I follow on Instagram offered her ticket because she couldn’t go, I asked myself why not to go. But, of course, I did not get the ticket; as I have never won anything before, I did not expect it anyway. But while checking out the event online, I said to myself that I really want to go and bought the ticket on Saturday evening before going to bed. 

At 11:00

I was watching Staylisyt Catwalk.

At 11:30 

I sat down at Grow Stage to listen to a talk on Coping with Internet Fame: Social Media – Please use Responsibly with Nimco Ali and Bella Younger. I am not sure how many of you have heard of Nimco Ali; she is a social activist, and the co-founder and director of Daughter of Eve. This is a survivor-led organisation that helps in transforming the approach of ending female genital mutilation (FGM). And Bella Younger is a comedian who is very popular on Instagram, you can find her under the username of Deliciously Stella.

Both these girls talked about how social media affects their private life. A massive number of followers can bring both good and bad experiences. Girls were talking how to deal with them. It was such a good idea to bring these two amazing girls together to talk about completely different things. They showed us that social media fame also has its share of responsibilities and if you don’t take a break for yourself, it can be devastating. 

At 12:30 

I visited Spark Stage to listen to Stylist’s Poetry Slam, and this was my favourite part of the event.    I saw performances by Nikita Gill, Vanessa Kisuule, Molly Case and Samantha Baines— all so different and unique. I wish that it would have lasted longer. While listening to the girls, I felt like time had stopped for a while. The only thing that I did not like much was the fact that the Spark Stage was next to the Catwalk place. The Catwalk started in the middle of the performance, and the music was very loud. Maybe next year they can consider to setting up the Poetry Slam on a different stage; perhaps a bit away from the loud music. Otherwise, it was very good. I left feeling so happy. 

I hope you will enjoy my gallery as much I enjoyed the whole event.