Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams

Book review – May

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Let’s talk about Our Stop by one of my favourite writers Laura Jane Williams. If you remember I already wrote about her book Ice Cream For Breakfast and you can check it out here. To be honest, I love everything that this amazing woman does. From her charity work, books and just showing up as herself. Real, honest and pure. Obviously, it’s not all what we see on social media true and of course, I don’t know her personally (well I meet her 3 times in real life, don’t worry I am not stalking her it was at the events that she was guest or organising them), but I just love her energy. Anyway, back to the book.

This is the third book for Williams, but her first fiction. Our Stop is set up in this time and age in amazing London, which makes it even more realistic. It’s a love story between Nadia and Daniel. They both take the same train every morning, when Nadia actually manage to get out of her bed on time and then PUFF one day Daniel notice her. He decides to write her through the daily paper. Nadia notices the note and the adventure begins.

The book is written from two different points of view. Its starts with Nadia’s story, where we find out she is starting her new routine to change her life and one of the things on her list is to catch the train on time. You can image what happens with that particular task. Williams opens the story with a description of how the main character is trying to get the right train in London’s rush hour. It is so accurate and it made me giggle so much because I could recognise myself in it. We find out that Nadia is single, broke up with awful Ben, living on her own. And then it goes to Daniel.

It’s really difficult to say more without spoiling it out. But if anything, o boy, I enjoyed this book a lot. I was laughing so much, then I was sad, then laughing again and also being frustrated at the same time. Why you will have to find out on your own. Book is full of actual life events and you can relate to it. Even in our real life, it’s constant up and down, a real rollercoaster. You never know what can happen. We are either happy or sad or in between. It’s life. I was reading it as a story that could actually happen to someone living and working in central London on their daily commute. I mean why not? Love is everywhere right? It was a refreshing and easy read, it pulled me into the story and I finished it in a day. If anything this book made me keep my mobile phone in my bag on my daily commute, because guess what? I am a romantic person and because you never know where could my Daniel be. And just before I finish this, let me say one final thought, the world and women, need more Daniels.

Out this coming June! Order book here.