The F Word by Lily Pebbles

Book Review – May

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Friendships can be so complicated or very easy going. It always depend on our own personalities. Please meet my May’s book. It’s The F Word written by Lilly Pebbles. It was published by Hodder & Stoughton this year in March and it’s talk about female friendship. Lilly describe herself on her blog as a “full time Londoner living in denim, usually found vlogging & taking photos of food” and The F Word is her first book.


Reading about friendship in this time of my life was very needed and it made me think about it a lot. I like to think I am a good friend who will be there for you when you have difficult or happy times. But I guess you never know how good or bad friend you are until someone tells you. Or doesn’t tell you, or shout forever, or stop talking to you, or ignore you or disappear from your life without telling you. However, I find out that we all have similar friendships relationships and that we all have bad and good experiences. This is because friendships are emotional. 


“I don’t believe that being a good friend is just part of your personality or something that just comes naturally to some, but not to others, I think you can proactively make yourself a good friend.”

— Lily Pebbles


In the F Word Lily talks about different friendships like childhood friends and Spice Girls gangs. Gosh, I remember creating even our own one. We had so many gigs, travelling all around the world (that was around the building where we lived) and had amazing fans that loved us so much (except the fact they were invisible). It was such fun. Then she talks about Big sister friendships, that I discovered just recently here in London. I meet my big sister and I love her so much. I love her family so much, she is amazing mother and supporting and understanding big sister. Then our real sister friendships (blood-related ones) that I am so happy and lucky to have. I have two younger sisters and they are both blowing my mind how good friends they are to me and to their friends. Sometimes they are even too good. We were always very close and even the fact of me moving away did, not change our relationship and how close we are. This is one of the things I am most grateful for. 


Going through the pages of The F Word I could recognise myself and my lovely or not so lovely friends in it. I am so proud to say that my longest friendship is still alive and it started when I was 7. It dosen’t matter how far we are from each other 24 years of friendship is still very strong. We are not talking every day but it does not matter, because when we do it feels like we spoke yesterday. Interesting right? And people that we meet now they don’t stay in our lives longer than few years. Friendships are changing, developing, progressing and finishing. It’s okay like this, its part of our life.


I am sure that we all have been there when we had a bad experience with a friend. Or maybe our very close girlfriend hurt us so much that we did not even know where the hell this came from. It felt like a break up with your boyfriend, crying and crying for hours with questions that will never be answered. Familiar? I thought so. 


But what Lily is saying that we should keep trying to have new friends, even if we already have old ones or if we have been hurt in the past. We should still try to meet new people. On the other side, its easier said than done. Still, I completely agree with Lily, that bed experience should make us aware and careful, but they shouldn’t stop us from living.


I want to thank Lily for writing this book and use it to say thank you to my friends, the ones from far far home and the ones here in London. Also to my online friends who we keep in touch through this blog, the Instagram app, emails, etc. I feel so fortunate and grateful to have people like this in my life. 

Feel free to grab a book yourself and think about your friendships.


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