Meet JasMina

Where writing meets photography.

Mina’s Planet started as a personal project, a blog and a diary.

I start this blog for myself because I love writing and photography. Long, long, long time ago I started writing a novel in my langue (I am from Slovenia), but when I moved to London, I realised that my novel is more draft then a novel. So, this half novel is sitting at my desk now. I  love the story so much but never actually finish it. 

However, I still love writing and to keep myself motivated I decide to create this blog. Where writing meets photography. English is not my first language, and it’s hard for me to express myself in this beautiful language, but this will not stop me. 

It’s a project to keep my mind on something else, something that I like, away from my daily routine. To meet people who inspire me, who think similar. Exploring new and old places, trying new chocolate desserts (I mean any desserts really), enjoying my life and take a picture of everything beautiful. But the main reason for this project is to keep me awake. Good luck to me. And who knows, I might even finish my novel 😉

Please fell free to join me on my journey wondering around the planet.