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When invited me for their bus tour, I said yes for a few different reasons.

First: because my dad is a bus driver and he used to drive tourists all around the world. He would always drive groups of people, and my sisters and I would sometimes join him on his journeys. I remember sitting on seats behind him, for hours and just look how he is driving. I loved it. I even visited Monte Carlo with him in a coach. I don’t remember hotel where we stayed, but I remember the whole trip with the coach.

Second: because I loved school trips. They would always hire a bus for the whole class, and we had the best time. On that day we would avoid school,  spend the entire day with our classmates, eat lots of sweets and laugh so much. 

Third: because at some point in your life you will definitely think to hire a coach for yourself, your friends or family members for whatever reason. Maybe for a wedding, daily trip or holiday. There will be that one point in your life where you would want to drive a big group of people. And this is why you should know about


I attended bus tour around central London with my friend, and we had such a lovely time. We had an opportunity to meet a host of reality Tv programme “Coach Trip” Brendan Sheerin, and he was hilarious. We laugh so much. The whole day brought up lots of good memories from my childhood. We had lunch in proper lunch boxes, just like in my younger times. There was a small difference this time; we were allowed to drink champagne on board. 


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  • A new website that joined more than 700 different coach operators all over the UK. 
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