Cold Heaven: Arciphelago Islands

I liked the Arciphelago Islands a lot, that is the reason why did I decided to share a separate post about it. Just walking around made me feel peaceful and calm. This is one of the places when you feel time stands and everything stops. It was incredible.

I felt at one with myself and was breathing normally. It was just clean and fresh air. Just peaceful breathing. I was speechless at the magnificent nature. So, silently we walked. All the way from Styrsö to Donsö. I can't remember how long it took us because it was time less.. Everyone who we meet on our walk said hello to us and smiled. Children were walking around on their own and barefoot. It was sunny but cold; it did not look like the cold bothered them much.  It seemed like a small, but cold haven on Earth. I wish I could go back there and just stay for a while. Away from everything. Me, my unfinished novel and silence and maybe my Bosnian-Swedish cousin Amra. If she would like to.

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