For My Mother by Dr Niamh Clune

To celebrate National Story Telling week from 27th of January until 3rd of February, I decided to invite different writers to share their stories on Mina's Planet. I picked three writers, all different and unique in their own way.

The third work is a poem is written by Dr Niamh who is writing special stories about the alphabet and all sorts of magical things for children. You can also check her personalized children's books before you buy next birthday present for your or someone else's kid.

For My Mother

I want to reach across the sky
to mists beyond the blue
to where you are imagined still
and I remember you

Your face was soft, your lilting tongue
a brogue of Burren’s air,
a flute that danced upon the wind
from Erin’s County Clare.

You danced a Hornpipe, kicked your heels,
smiled with not a care ~
With rocking ankle, turn of calf,
And ribbons in your hair.

Wild and exiled, mother mine
you beat the flaggy ground
with rhythm of the rebel coast
battering the sound.

I do miss your bluest eyes
and long for when you were
an orchid in a field of tare ~
the girl from County Clare.


Text: Dr Niamh Clune

Photo: Jasmina Haskovic