Gazelli Art House: Cabaret Voltaire by Francesco Jodice


On our way home from New York, we meet this lovely girl in Subway. Ilaria was also on her way home to Milan and she was also a photographer. We exchanged our Facebooks and keep the contact. Recently I got her message and she told me about this photographer, who is having an exhibition and she used to work for him in Italy. So, I decide to go and have a look.


The gallery is called Gazelli Art House and the exhibition is Cabaret Voltaire by Francesco Jodice. This is his first UK solo exhibition and Cabaret Voltaire is highlighting four separate bodies of his work. 


Each of these series investigates particular regions or moment in our recent history, with an aim to answer the artist’s social and cultural questions and contemporary geopolitical scenario. 


The aim of Jodice’s practice is to understand the world’s constant changes and there these discoveries through his art.


The gallery is located in beautiful part of London, Dover street. You can admire Jodice’s work on two floors. I enjoyed wandering around in my own piece of mind and reading the handwritten description of pictures on the walls. If you, by any chance came across to Dover street pop in and have a look. This particular exhibition will be there until 8th of January 2017. 

PS. Just a few doors ahead from the gallery you will also find Victoria Beckham shop. So, two good excuses to be there.