Week No13

(I started this writing project for myself, straight from my soul to mind, no editing or trying to make it look right or correct. So, if you are all into the grammar thing, carry on with your life like I don't exist. This project is called 10 min a day.)

10 min a day 03/02/2019 Sunday

I slept the whole flight.

10 min a day 04/02/2019 Monday

It feels like I am picking up my life from all over the space.

Pieces by pieces.

There are so many small, tiny pieces and they are everywhere.

What if I don’t manage to pick them all?

What if I forgot some?

What if there are some missing ones?

10 min a day 05/02/2019 Tuesday

Feel the fear and do it anyway, my friend said. I know I had this book in my collection. I moved around everything but could not find it. The title is still something I have to hear, I guess.

I logged into my bank account maybe 150 times. I started at the numbers and to be honest, it wasn't pleasant, it was the opposite. Feel the fear and do it anyway. To overcome your financial situation, you have to become obsessed with it aka feel the fear and do anyway. Look at the things correctly, for real, the facts, the timings. I repeat this to myself, while I check my bank account the 200th time in one day.

10 min a day 06/02/2019 Wednesday

The reason I keep saying the freedom cost because it’s true. I might explain it once.

10 min a day 07/02/2019 Thursday

Tonight my friends came to visit me. All the from Slovenia, 3 of them and one from Germany. I am one thrilled girl now. They will stay with me until Sunday, and we have nothing in the plan. Just to stay in and chat the whole weekend. Eat and laugh. Talking about our memories.

10 min a day 08/02/2019 Friday

We spend all day in London. It was raining so much, and the wind was not on our side either. We were nearly blown away. The only bad thing that happen was stollen wallet in central London. Andy shock realising that it was really stolen. Doing a bit of research we I realised that people have been robbed in central London quite a lot. Like a lot. Anyway, what really shocked me was the receptionist at the police station. She completed belittle us when we tried to report what happened. She kept saying if we have proof of what happened. I was like, what proof. She said you are reporting a crime and do you have evidence for it. I was like ffs. What proof? All that we wanted was to get a report from them, that my friend's wallet was stolen (including her ID that she had to fly back with). Anyway, it was disgusting how she treated us. I still can't believe that this happened in London. We finished our night with Turkish food and that was the best part of it. And just being in the moment with them.

10 min a day 09/02/2019 Saturday

We suppose to visit, but the girls did not feel very well, so we had to cancel it. We stayed at home and went out just for a bit. I could not express myself how grateful I am for these moments with them. And for them coming to London to spend some time with me, when I feel quite weird.