Week No12

( I started this writing project for myself, straight from my soul to mind, no editing or trying to make it look right or correct. So, if you are all into the grammar thing, carry on with your life like I don't exist. This project is called 10 min a day.)

10 min a day 27/01/2019 Sunday

Two friends had chat and the first one asked:

“Am so difficult to be loved?”

The second one answered:

“Am I so difficult to be loved?”

And they both laughed.

10 min a day 28/01/2019 Monday

Monday used to be my favourite day.

And for some reason, I can’t remember why.

It's not any more.

I can't remember the reason for that either.

10 min a day 29/01/2019 Tuesday

Today was a not good day. The whole day I felt this sharp pain on my left side of the chest. I thought I can’t really breathe properly because the sharp pain was causing me to stop midway of my breath. It's funny how does our body react on situations that happen outside of our body.

10 min a day 30/01/2019 Wednesday

It’s good that I choose “grateful” for my word of the year. I put the sticky notes around my flat with that one word. Just as a gentle reminder no matter what happens, I should be grateful, I will be, I want to be. So these green sticky notes are following me wherever I move. So, whenever I start thinking about something I shouldn’t my eye will catch that green sticky post it and I will stop. It is a quite good trick. You can try it.

One of the other tricks that I use when I am not at home is given by my friend. She said every time when I caught myself of thinking about something or someone that I should not, take the thought and drag it to the bin. Like a file on the computer. And that helps too. Don’t get too excited, because it’s all about self-awareness. Are you able to acknowledge your wrong thoughts and consciously stop them (drag them to the bin)? It’s a practice, and it works. So thank you.

10 min a day 31/01/2019 Thursday

One of the things that I learn in England is how to be quiet. I know this is something quite weird to say, mainly because everyone are talking about their freedom of speech. Well, it does not look like that in reality. I have been following few people on their social media and they are a hell of vocal about their opinions. In style, take or leave it, what I say. If you don’t like it, you are not the right fit for them.

Anyway, but just recently one of the girls said that she is struggling to find a freelancing job and she is getting enough of this, say what is the right thing, because no one else does it. Everyone agrees with me, she said, but I been saying these things for so long now and when she tried to get a paid job, then all of sudden she is too much vocal and opinionated.

I used to be quite a passionate person about what I think too, not because in which country I was born or in which country I live, but maybe because of my roots that go to Bosnia and Montenegro. But that passed. How I know I changed and that everything is different is, when I go to Slovenia and visit my family I become quiet and trust me, I was never quite. But is it everything really different? Or is just me who changed? Did I become quite to fit in? And most importantly, why did I become quite?

10 min a day 01/02/2019 Friday

The day when I realised that I am not that strong as people think.

The day when I wrote a poem.

The day when I visit my family.

The day I meet my friends.

The day when I been told I can do it.

The day when I been reminded of my own strengths.

The day I start believing it myself.

The day I asked for help.

It took only 8 months, 8 days, 8 hours, 8 minutes and 8 seconds.

10 min a day 02/02/2019 Saturday

It was my nephews 1st birthday today! Happy birthday, nephew number 2. Your auntie loves you lots. I was so happy to spend this day with my family. It was raining so much and I had to walk my dogs.

The universe is working for me, not against me.