Week No7

(I started this writing project for myself, straight from my soul to mind, no editing or trying to make it look right or correct. So, if you are all into the grammar thing, carry on with your life like I don't exist. This project is called 10 min a day.)

10 min a day Sunday 23/12/2018

A day before Christmas. I woke up in my flat. Alone. It was a quiet morning and I am happy I live close to the road, so I can hear the cars from outside. I boil the water and make myself a hot cup of tea. It’s a Whittard Coconut Truffle Loose Tea. You have to try it. I am grateful for my friend yesterday that she moved the charis with me before I manage to embarrassed myself in public. I am grateful for my other friends, two of them to be honest, to let me stay with them for 3 months. I am grateful to my sisters who are backing me up so much without questioning why I am doing this on my own. I am grateful to my family who understands that I am living abroad, even if I, myself have no idea why I am doing this. Landed in Slovenia.

10 min a day Monday 24/12/2018

It was such a slow peaceful day. Stayed in bed the whole day and was reading a book called The Unexpected joy of being single by Catherine Gray. My dogs were sleeping next to me. I want them to be with me so much. I wonder how the hell someone in Beckenham hire a flat that allows dogs? How does a single person rent a flat that allowed you to have two little dogs? Or any dog? I can see lots of people having a dog in Beckenham, but how????? How do people of Beckenham have dogs and living in the flats? Do they lie to the agency and say, no we don’t have a dog? Do they lie to the landlord and say no we don’t have a pet? And then when they find the property and eventually move in, they just bring the dog in and say ups we did not know it’s not allowed? Do they pretend they did not know? How the hell this works here? Wtf? Because whenever I asked the agency, are they dogs allowed in the property the agency said, well we don’t know this you have to put the offer in first. Like what the f@£k people? So when you take over the flat to advertise it in your agency, you don’t know if the landlord lets to have a dog? What about if you ask the owner? Is there any flats in Beckenham that let you have a dog or not? Or everyone owns their property, and they can do what they want? Can someone pls explain me this? I can’t believe that estate agents don’t have this info? So angry and so frustrated.

Walked my dogs and went to bed.

10 min a day Tuesday 25/12/2018

Merry Christmas.

Today I found the courage and asked my youngest sister to help me to look at my financial situation. I felt so embarrassed, but I need to talk about this with someone to help me to make a plan.

Hope everyone who was celebrating the Christmas had a lovely one. I wish you all the best.

Ps. I don’t celebrate it, but love the idea of the Christmas. No presents this year, only time for experience.

Ps.2. End of the day, time is all that counts.

10 min a day Wednesday 26/12/2018

I feel like all these holidays are about crying out things.

10 min a day Thursday 27/12/2018

When you think you done for 2018, no, there is more to come. Its hard to stay positive if all poo coming into your direction. I guess its time to get glasses.

10 min a day Friday 28/12/2018

Still looking for glasses to protect me from shiny poo.

10 min a day Saturday 29/12/2018

Being a mother is a very difficult job. I assume. I can’t say from my own experience because I am not one of them. But seeing my sisters and close friends, these women, the real heroes and doing some fantastic job. My sister and I tried to find Slovenian word for "bringing up" kids. We don't mean raising kids, but literally "bringing them up" aka "holding them up" aka "pushing them up" until they don't grow and manage to look after themselves. We even have it in Bosnian language, its called "podizanje djece" which translates into "bringing up kids". But there is no Slovenian word, or at last, we could not find one. If you know a mother, please tell her she is doing amazing. Give her cuddle. She needs it. She is doing amazing job.