Week No11

(I started this writing project for myself, straight from my soul to mind, no editing or trying to make it look right or correct. So, if you are all into the grammar thing, carry on with your life like I don't exist. This project is called 10 min a day.)

10 min a day Sunday 20/01/2019

Sometimes we just have to stop. And breath. Sometimes we just have to step back.

10 min a day Monday 21/01/2019

There are these nights when I feel just grab a glass of gin or Prosecco and drink it until the bottle is empty. But then again if I would drink a bottle of gin, I would die. I would die even after a few glasses. Prosecco could go for a few glasses. But I don’t. Instead, I boil the weather and have a hot cup of tea and read. When you are in such a weird mood, it’s better to stop. And breath. After reading, I close my book and go to bed.

10 min a day Tuesday 22/01/2019

I had a chat with my friend and been told something that made me think. What is that thing that makes us stay in an unhappy relationship? This friend married her boyfriend even so she knew she does not love him. She said he doesn't love her either. They have been together for so long and its just a habit they have. I asked her if she is not wondering if there is something else out there? Someone else, who will love her how she deserves? And if she does not feel bad that she is taking him, her husband, from someone else that he could maybe be really happy with? She was quiet. It was such a sad conversation. And at this moment I was grateful to myself, that I find the courage to do something for what she couldn’t. She said to me, don’t worry about me. Save yourself. It just broke my heart. Again.

10 min a day Wednesday 23/01/2019

I think I just saw someone.

That I did not saw before.

10 min a day Thursday 24/01/2019

How many times a heart can be broken, after when its broken once?

10 min a day Friday 25/01/2019

When I wake up in the morning, there was this sound. The sound of nothing. The silence. Nothing. Zero. Barefoot I walk to my kitchen and put the kettle on. While I was waiting for water to boil, I took two cups out of the cupboard. Both the same. Both blue. Put the tea in both of them. Pour the water in the first cup. And then in another. When I was about to take mine. I realised that I just needed one. It made me stop. But then again, I always make one and after always want another one. So, I took the second cup too, at least I don’t have to make another just yet.

10 min a day Saturday 26/01/2019

I am thinking to get a Bluetooth light bulbs. Except they are so expensive and I can’t really afford them. For now. Anyway, it’s weird to turn off the light in the bedroom on your own. It’s weird when no one is there to argue, who was the last in bed or who was the last up and who's turn is to turn it off tonight. Small moments like this always make me laugh so much. Sorry, I mean they made me laugh so much. In the past. Now, on the other hand, I turn off the lights on my own. And it’s not funny at all.