Mina's Planet is a blog run by lifestyle photographer and storyteller Jasmina Haskovic.

My name is JasMina. I am half Bosnian and half Montenegrin, I was born in Slovenia and live in London. Sounds confusing? I like to call it interesting! I have a journalism and photography background from Slovenia and dentistry background from England. I started Mina’s Planet as a personal project, a blog and a diary, because I love writing and photography. In the beginning, it was something that kept me motivated, but over time, it has become so much more.

Mina’s Planet is the place where I write about lots of different things that I like and want everyone to know about:

  • Women who inspire me and who think similarly (interviews)

Mina's Planet keeps me inspired and motivated. My biggest desire and aim is that it keeps you inspired and motivated too. Feel free to join me on my journey, wandering around the planet. And thank you for coming around!

Love, JasMina