How to hire a private chef and a photographer?

I am sure that you heard about people that hired a private chef to cook for them in their home or if you are lucky, you have already visited a dinner party in someone’s home who hired a private chef. If neither of those, you must hear about a private chef in general, right? What about this, a private chef and a photographer together? No? Not to worry let me explain. 

Tempura soft shell crab with palm sugar and chill relish

Tempura soft shell crab with palm sugar and chill relish


Lots of friends and people are asking me about this and I want to explain everything. We are cooking in people's houses, in their kitchens. We both love food and photography so we decided to join these two things. Also, I love story telling and James loves candid photography. But let me explain a little bit how all this works.


A few things you should know before you hire a private chef and photographer

1. How much its cost?

Well, depending on your demand and food you want to serve to your guest. It's all up to you. We also have a minimum spend of £65.00 per head.


2. What if I don’t know what I want?

We both work very closely with you and your wishes. If you do not know what you want, no problem, I am sure you know what you like, or you always wanted to try. After sending an email and showing your interest, we will reply back with questions that we have. We will bring decision together. We are both very creative, and every job is very personal.


3. Who chooses the menu?

You of course. We will provide you with few different ones, with different price starting with minimum, but the final decision is yours. You can still mix and match between the menus that are offered to you but keep in your mind the chef is there to advise what is matching with what.  

King Prawn with orange zest, ginger caramel and Thai basil

King Prawn with orange zest, ginger caramel and Thai basil

4. Can you cook for three people only?

Unfortunately, our minimum is eight people and maximum 12 people. To keep experience personal as possible, we are only a team of two and this is how much we can deliver without compromising on quality.


5. How advanced I have to book?

We both are doing this in our free time because we are passionate about it. The right answer is the sooner you book, the better so we can organise ourselves. Our last client booked us just a little over 8 months in advance


6. Do I have to pay a deposit? 

Once when the menu is confirmed, you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 30% but no greater than £150. Full payment is required day before your private dining.


7. Who buys the food and drinks?

All food is our responsibility. Drinks are yours.


8. My kitchen is too small, can I still have private dining dinner cooked at ours?

After you show your interest and have this worry, we can arrange to have FaceTime/Skype call with us, to make sure we can work at yours.


9. Do you need any specialised equipment, my kitchen is an ordinary kitchen with no professional aid?

The answer is no; we do not need any professional equipment. All that we need to prepare you private dining meal, we bring with ourselves. 


10. Who cleans the mess at the end?

The last thing you want to worry after your amazing private dining is to clean the messy kitchen. There will be messy and we will clean everything up to the dessert plates. You will not even notice we have been there.


11. Who serves the meal?

Us two. All that you need to look after is your guest glasses and their drink.


12. What if I want to have the same crockery for everyone, but don’t have enough?

Please do let us know about this; we can always sort this out for you if we know early enough. Of course, it will be an extra cost, but your table will look how you like it.


13. Who set up a table?

We like to encourage our clients to that on their own. It is always a special pleasure when you are setting up the table the way you like it. If this is not your cup of tea, we can definitely do this for you. Again, please let us know if this is something you are looking at, so we can discuss your ideas and wishes.


14. Do I need to do anything on the day?

Nothing, just relax and have a good time with your friends. Trust us and let us do our magic for you. 

Selection of Nigiri with wasabi, soy, pickled ginger

Selection of Nigiri with wasabi, soy, pickled ginger

15. Do you cook for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free?

Of course, we cook vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free with allergens break down of all meals. 


16. How does photography fit into this story?

Photography is big and important part of it of course. During the whole day, we will be taking documentary photos of the entire process. We will write the recipes for food that will be cooked on the day and together with pictures we will join them into your own personal book. We really wish you to remember this event and the food that you enjoyed long after we leave your kitchen. 


17. Do I need to know anything else?

We are keeping all food fresh and prepared on the spot or last minute. Sometimes it can happen that there will be last minute change on the menu. If this happened, you would know about it on the morning of your private dining. This will not affect your menu or the agreed price.


Please have a look also these galleries of our previous private dining (Dinner for Ten, Eimear's Engagement PartyLucy's Birthday ). If this is something you always wanted to do, please let us know. If you are still not sure, ask us anyway. What is the worst that can happen? You will still have dinner at your local. ;) We are both looking forward hearing from you. 

Lemongrass Granita with Dragon fruit

Lemongrass Granita with Dragon fruit

Charred baby vegetable 

Charred baby vegetable 

Seven Spiced Chicken Kiev with kaffir lime leaf butter, kale and toasted cashews 

Seven Spiced Chicken Kiev with kaffir lime leaf butter, kale and toasted cashews 

Tea Smoked Rack of Lamb with Korean miso and crushed aubergine

Tea Smoked Rack of Lamb with Korean miso and crushed aubergine

Sesame seeded new potatoes

Sesame seeded new potatoes

Banoffee Pie Trifle with Star fruit, praline and chantilly cream

Banoffee Pie Trifle with Star fruit, praline and chantilly cream

This dinner took place on 27th of January 2018 for Richards birthday. A massive thank you for all your trust in our work.