Where to go for lunch in the City

The second place that I visited was The Refinery City Point. The reason that I went there was that they have this new wood fired pizza oven. So, I went to try it out.

When I have a pizza, I always leave the crust on the side. Because if I eat the crust, I can’t finish my pizza; and I am not a fan of crusts anyway. So, I skip it. But this time it was a different story.

Alessandro Amir Ben Aissa was the pizza chef. His dad had a pizza restaurant in Sardinia, and he's been around pizzas from an early age. We had a chat while he was making and baking pizzas for the guests. Guess what; I am not the only one who leaves the crust. Apparently, a lot of people do that. The smell of wood was cutting my nose, and I was salivating like crazy. 

If you decide to have a pizza at their place, you will have two options: Margarita and Pepperoni. Very simple. This outdoor place is in the middle of the City Point Square and it is surrounded with a lot of offices. Coming out for a quick lunch in is perfect. Most of their customers who come for lunch, can’t stay for too long because of work. Therefore, they have created a shorter menu. But there is nothing to worry about, as their restaurant with the full menu is only 30 seconds away. You can pick your food from there if you fancy something different.

I do not eat pork but when something on the menu is made from it, I never ask to remove it. I must try it as it is. I wanted to see if it was as delicious as it looked. All that I can say is, I ate all my crust.