Valentine's Day or St. Valentine’s day or Saint Valentin is the day of love. The time when people send cards, flowers and chocolates to the ones they love. However, February the 14th hasn't always had this conception with love. It originated as a Western Christian Liturgical feast day honouring several early saints named Valentinus.


But, let's not talk about the past.


Today Valentine’s Day is commercial celebration of love all around the world. For us, it's just another excuse to go out and about and spend some time together. I know 14th February is tomorrow but hey, James is a chef and that means when everyone else is socialising, he needs to work. So, we went out a day early.


When we got to Charing Cross Station it was raining so we decided to visit a nice little Italian place in Soho, called Tuscanic. It took us 12 minutes to walk there. If you don't fancy walking, no worries because the closest tube station is Piccadilly Circus and it will take you only 5 minutes to get to this place.


Friendly staff is regarding you in Italian and make you smile, when they talk with Italian accent.  If you speak Italian you can even be served in their romantic language.