When did you start Mina’s Planet? 

I start creating for Mina’s Planet beginning 2016, February to be exact but went live in September just before my 30th birthday.

Why did you start Mina’s Planet?

I started this blog for myself because I love writing and photography. Mina’s Planet was initially a personal project, blog and a diary. Now is a lifestyle blog.

Are you full-time blogger and photographer?

I am not, but I would love to become one day. However, I consider myself very fortunate to have a full-time and a part-time job that I like a lot. My full-time job is managing a private dental practice in London and my part-time job is being a blogger and photographer.

Do you make money from your blog?

I fund the blog through photography service that I am offering. You can hire me as a photographer for several different occasions, such as family and kids portraits, fashion portrait, headshots, engagements, weddings, restaurants openings, etc. 
I also use affiliate links on my blog. This means I get paid a tiny percentage every time someone buys something, via a link they found on Mina’s Planet blog. You don’t pay anything extra, the shops just share a little of their profit.

How come you are taking pictures of so many different things and what kind of photographer you are anyway?

One of the reason is that my background was journalism and photography from back home in Slovenia. The second reason is more personal, because I can’t imagine doing the same thing my whole life. I get bored easily and struggling with concentration, so this is the way how I keep myself motivated. Taking pictures of different things and meeting so many interesting people inspire me. I also adore photo stories and writing. If I have to pick something, I would say I am a lifestyle photographer and storyteller.


Do you publish a sponsored posts?

I do, although I am not obliged to feature them, and it is my discretion.

Who takes your pictures?

I, Jasmina Haskovic, take all of the photos on Mina’s Planet. In a case when I am on the photos or using someone else's photos, I will credit the photographer or their social media handles.  

Can I use any of your photos or posts?

Please do not use any photos or content without asking my permission. You can contact me via hi@minasplanet.com 

We have an idea for a project/would like to hire your services/organising press event/opening a new restaurant, etc. where can we send you an invite?

Use the contact form on this blog.

What do we need to know before we hire you?

I am a lifestyle photographer and a storyteller. Every photography job or event that I am attending is unique and very special to you. But its also a personal to me too. When I am working, I am trying to show your special story through my personal eyes.