Finlay Fox: First day at school

I met Emma a few months ago and was so excited to take pictures of her and her little ones, Finn and Violet, that I came on photo session a week too early. How about that? Not an hour earlier or half an hour but a whole week earlier. So embarrassing. Eventually, the week after, on right day and time, I was on her door step, again, ready and happy to take pictures her and kids.

I spend few hours with them in their home in Stoke Newington. We went for a walk with Violet and some sweeties with Finlay. Please meet the Emma, a blogger behind lifestyle blog with cool finds for little ones and mamas. Please meet FinlayFox

I thought today would be the right day to share this photos, even if I took them a while ago because is Finn's first day at school. Good luck Finn you will nail it! 

For these comfortable leopard jumpers check Sas and Yosh.  

Really Happy Socks. Kids made them even to fly!

How cute are these kimonos? Emma and Violet are wearing kimonos from Olive loves Alfie