What to do in Cancun?

Before we left for Cancun, Mexico, we had planned this as a holiday where we will be doing nothing – literally nothing. When we arrived at our hotel Oleo (read about it here) and had rest for just one day, we decided that we wanted to do something after all – but just a little bit.

But the question was – what to do in Cancun if you don’t want to do too much?

I saw online that you could swim with white whales in the sea – not in the pool but in nature, and I wanted to do that immediately. But my hopes turned to dust quickly when I was told that season was over. However, now I have an excuse to come back next year!

We decided for a few other activities, all were organised by a company called Aquaworld

We managed to book two different packages with four activities and somehow ended up overpaying for it. Staff realized their mistake, apologised, and offered us a refund. We decided to take another dive instead. We would just like to thank the team for having dealt with the situation very promptly and would like to apologise to other people who were on that boat with us, because they had to wait for us to come back. Sorry, guys.

Scuba diving

I must say that my biggest fear is to put my head underwater with my nose uncovered. I am not exactly sure about why I am scared of doing so; I haven’t had any bad experience, but I just can’t put my head under water without closing my nose with my hand. I can’t just hold my breath – it’s just so petrifying for me. So, I always end up closing my nose. Going diving for me meant that I would definitely die. And I was so wrong.

We were trained in a pool before our dive, and both our instructors were very patient. In case of any emergency underwater, they must show you how do deal with it. For instance, if you drop your oxygen regulator from your mouth, they have to show how you can put it back, or the way to remove your mask if water is leaking into it; they also showed us different hand signs that we would need when we dive (about my first diving experience next week).

The hardest bit for me was to overcome the fact that you have to breathe normally underwater. How can I breathe normally under the water? How?? But guys, trust me, it is possible, with good training, the help of patient instructors, and a right mindset.

We dived three times and, I must say that I can’t wait to do it again. It was something that I hadn’t done before, and I was so terrified about doing it, but I came out from this experience speechless. If you are visiting Cancun and planning your activities, do check Aquaworld. They have plenty of different packages that will surely suit your needs.

I did it 🙂

Jungle Tour

The jungle tour was fun as well. They have these small and high-speed boats that you are allowed to drive. James drove when we were on our way there, and I drove on our way back. We drove through the green area that looked like wood on the water. I thought that we would go inside and explore a little bit, but we didn’t. We just passed by very slowly, and we were off to our snorkelling location. I have a funny video from here, which I made with my GoPro, when I saw a fish and started giggling in the water.

Super fast small boat that we drove.


The experience of the Sky-rider was very relaxing. I would say that once when you are in the air, you just fly. The small boat pulls you along the beach, and you are privileged to see the amazing sea and beach from the air. It’s so quiet up there.

What I can’t say about the ride on a jet ski? From the beach to the boat, they use a jet ski to drop you. And, this ride lasts for one minute only, but it was very uncomfortable. It was so bumpy, so fast and so windy. It felt as if we were hitting every single wave. We went up and down like a rubber ball. I was holding onto the driver so hard that I am surprised that he did not stop breathing and collapse into the sea. I know at least ten of my friends would love this but I will stick to the snorkelling and diving packages.

Before I finish this post, just want to mention, I don’t support Aquaworld’s swimming with dolphins in their unnatural environment (pools) or any other such shows for the sake of entertaining people. But they also offer other activities and they are very professional.