Leyla and Monika

Note: A few people asked me to share this gallery before I finally did it. Such a nice memories.

One of the most exciting experiences in my life. The life it self.


I went to the hospital with Monica when she was already over her due. We were in the room chatting and laughing when they decide to give her medicine to start her labour. We thought that was it. Well, we didn’t know. It was the first baby she was delivering, and it was the first baby delivery that I was taking pictures off. So we were ready. And we were waiting and waiting.

Before that, I have been advised by a lot of people not to do it, because it will change my mind and the way of thinking about labour. They were right, but only partly, it did change my mind so much I cried how happy I was to be part of it. I was thinking about my mum, about all mums and how amazing our body is and what women’s are capable of. Being a mother is a privilege and if you are one of them, be grateful for your gift.

From beginning all the way to the end, I was there and try to catch and absorb as much as possible of this amazing life event. I was there and been allowed to do what I want, allowed to see and show this personal first moment between mother and baby. I am so grateful for this. 
Dear everyone, please meet Leyla. 

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