Where to go for dinner in Soho

This week I visited two restaurants in two different places. The first one was in London’s Soho, and it had been recommended to me by my Instagram friend PoojaSuvlaki Soho is a small, Greek restaurant which serves Greek street food. Fresh and delicious!

Courgette Fritters

I booked a table for 7.00 pm and was running so late. I hate being late! But that day London had a visit from the Spanish royal family, and all the traffic around the Westminster and Trafalgar Square was diverted. Horrible!

When I finally got to this small, cute place, I smiled. I knew, I would have fun there and walked in smiling. My two girlfriends were sitting next to the window and waiting with a glass of white wine for me. Which was so needed at that point.

We had such a lovely, girly evening, and I am so grateful to such moments. Good food and good friends! To cut the story short, all the food that we had was delicious. We were very impressed. Both the girls said that they can’t wait to go back there with their husbands. A visit to the Suvalki is a must when you are in Soho next time. Friendly staff and lively atmosphere will cheer you up even after a hard day at work. Your soul and tummy will be extremely pleased and grateful for your decision. Trust me!

Please see the food in my photo journal.

Pita and Olives
Prawn Suvlaki
Greek Salad
Mediterranean Baked Feta
My plate 🙂 Potato Salad
Mount Olympus Wild Boar
Aged Scottish Texel Lamb
Corn Fed Chicken
“Samos to Soho” Cheesecake

It’s not over yet. Are you ready? Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th of July are the dates to be on your calendar. These are the days when Suvlaki Shoreditch is offering you 50% off your food bill. To reserve your table email them on: bricklane@suvlaki.co.uk

ps. Just want to say thank you to my friends Aki and Jasmina (yes we have the same name), for patiently waiting while I was taking pictures of our food.

ps2. All photos in this post were taken with my small Sony a6000. No filters, just adjusting the brightens.

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  1. Such a lovely little restaurant, great food and very friendly staff. Will definitely go again. JM

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