June’s Chocoholic Choice

I am a well know chocoholic, but only at my work and home really. Being a chocolate addict is a beautiful thing, and I don’t feel bad about it. People are an addicted to all sorts of stuff like, collecting note pads, buying old cameras, buying special brand shoes and books, etc. Not that I know anything about this. However, I am starting this small project to try different chocolates, because otherwise, I tend to stay with the same types of chocolate.

So, each month I will try some new chocolate to come of my comfort zone. And because Hotel Chocolate is on my way home, there is no surprise that I am a regular client of theirs.

This time I tried Mint Royale and Supermilk Caesar, they are both from Chocolate Selector collection. What means that you can buy them in a packet of 6. I don’t know about you, but I love the idea. I usually leave the shop with 2 or 3 different packages.

Mint Royale
Supermilk Caesar

Mint Royale – Is a dark cup with mint caramel and white creme. If you like mint, you will love those. They leave such beautiful after taste. 

Supermilk Caesar – Is a light praline mousse in Supermilk cup with hazelnut on top. They remind me of tiny chocolate boats, and I wanted to try them. I would definitely eat them. 
Supermilk Caesar

My winner is definitely Mint Royal, and I will go back for more.