Halloween cupcakes: Baking with kids

Halloween has never been my thing. But when it comes to kids and creating something with them, it’s a different story. I moved to London nearly five years ago, and my first job was au pair. I looked after two boys for a year before I moved on in my life. Even now, four years later, I still see them often. They are my English-Bosnian family here in U.K. So, when they need someone to look after the boys, I would offer to. 

I had sent their dad a shopping list and a recipe, a night before, so he could get us what we needed for our Halloween cupcakes. I have picked up this simple recipe from BBC Food for when I create with kids. It is a recipe for vanilla cupcakes. It is quite straightforward. However, regardless of the time preparation, we stayed in the kitchen the whole day. Mind you, there was one hand mixer, and two boys, each of them preparing his own cupcakes . And, OMG we had such fun.

Do not fear, I cleaned the kitchen afterward in such a way that there were no signs of us even have been there! 😉

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