Lunch time: Bar20

I just love my Fridays off. It is the time for myself, and I try to enjoy every minute of it. What exactly do I mean by time for myself? It means that I wake up late without an alarm; usually, around 7 am. I have my tea and toast while relaxing on the sofa. Then I go to central London and visit one of the restaurants that have been recommended to me. If you have any recommendation for the places I should visit, then drop a line about it to me.

Last Friday, I visited a place near London Bridge. The closest tube station to it is Bank. It is called Bar20 at Birleys. It is owned by a gentleman called Robin Birley, who also owns Mayfair’s exclusive member club called, 5 Hertford Street.

Italian Burrata: I become obsessed with burrata after Lucy’s birthday, and from then on, if there is burrata on the menu, I always have it. When I saw the dish on my table, I was so excited. It looked and tasted exquisite. The Italian burrata was served with pumpkin seeds (I love those) and hazelnut crumble. I mean, who does not like crumble? The hazelnut crumble was very good. You have to try it.

Italian Burrata

Bar20 it is an ideal place to take a break and relax and it is located in the London City area, and you can imagine how busy it can be. I would say Bar20 is a little bit hidden and gives its costumers some privacy. You will find it behind the Walkie Talkie building, covered in green plants. What is called a living wall. 

Risotto: It was simple and not overcooked; I really do not like it when risotto is overcooked. If you decide to go for the risotto with wild mushrooms, skip the starter. Or else, you might be too full.

Chicken Club Sandwich: The sandwich looked and tasted delicious; no wonder, it is their best seller. It was so juicy. I definitely understand why people like it.

Tiramisu: I loved it. It was small, but after your starter and main, it is perfect. It wasn’t bitter, and the amount of cocoa on the top was just right. Do not hesitate to try this.