Ice Cream for Breakfast by Laura Jane Williams

Book Review – February

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I wish someone had given me this book to read when I was at school around the age of 15 or 16. I wish I had read the words and sentences in the book when I was growing up not knowing which direction to take and what to do. When I was losing myself in my first big decisions. Don’t get too excited! Ice Cream for Breakfast does not have the answers to these questions, but Laura Jane Williams gives a bunch of amazing advice on how to rediscover your inner child in your adult life.


Did you know there is a difference between being childish and childlike? I did not know the difference, and the word childish is often more used than childlike. All I can say is that, I only wish to be more childlike. I went around being tired and grumpy because I did not want to be called lazy. Well, guess what? The book stopped me from feeling weirdo because I love naps, and I need breaks. In the book, Laura has dedicated a whole chapter to sleeping. OMG. I just love it. She gives sleeping a whole new meaning, and this definitely was my favourite part. Her idea that sleep is our right and not a luxury goes on my mood board. Thank you, Laura, I have been blind and lying to myself for so long. Now it’s time to wake up; sorry, I meant to go to sleep.


The whole book is full of different motivational exercises for you. It makes you start thinking out of your comfort zone. But before I take my well-needed nap, I would like to share with you:

20 things that I take from this fantastic book

1. Slow down.

2. Be angry only for a short time.

3. It’s just how it is; it’s not personal.

4. Forgive yourself.

5. Be true to yourself and what you want.

6. Be terrified, take a breath, have an adventure.

7. You are enough; you don’t need to be anything other than what you already are.

8. When you don’t know what to do next, do nothing, just for a little bit longer.

9. Write your fears down and add the ‘so what’ rule.

10. Ask questions; there is no wrong question.

11. Be careful about who you take feedback from.

12. Make something out of everything. 

13. Love your body and be grateful for what it does for you.

14. Being happy does not exist; it’s only wholeness.

15. Be your own hero.

16. Collect your scars and tell your story.

17. Tidy up your mess.

18. Meditate.

19. I am not qualified to do this, but I want to do it anyway.

20. Write a gratitude letter to someone you admire.


Hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

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